Investment Property Checkup


Keeping an eye on your property can be a bit challenging from a distance. It would be nice to be able to have a professional’s eyes and ears in the Fraser Valley for an occasional checkup on your property’s status.

That is what I’m volunteering to do for you, free of charge. I have owned property in other cities, and because of the occasional challenges this situation posed, I came up with this idea. My FREE Investment Property Checkup Plan does the following for you:

  • Giving you your current market value rents on your property, based on comparable properties in the neighbourhood,
  • Taking a digital photo of your property and emailing it to you so you can view the current condition,
  • Giving you free, over-the-phone market evaluations of the property, based on my massive database of sold properties in the same area.

In addition, I can offer money-saving advice on:

  • The best individuals or companies for carpeting, painting, roofing, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping,
  • Management companies or personnel at below-market costs,
  • Selling or considering other investments in the area.

The check up service is a call or click away. Just call me at 604-754-0120 or go to and click on “Watch My Property Investment,” and you will be contacted accordingly. Anytime you need suggestions or advice, just call me, Daniel Romey, of The Golden Key Group, at Homelife Benchmark Titus Realty, on my direct line: 604-754-0120.

Remember, my service does not cost you anything, because, frankly, the research keeps me on top of the market. Just consider it a professional courtesy from a fellow investor who has found himself in the same afar boat. When you are ready to discuss your investment property’s sale, refinancing, rezoning, property assessment, or have any other concerns, I ask that you keep my services in mind.

At, see how easily these services can be accessed!